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"Peter overcame the numerous and varied challenges that we threw at him with effortless calm, and enjoys applying the insights of his very wide experience. His estimates of cost are always transparent and accurate, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a very talented consultant and developer."

Alan Killip: Moonpig

I work alongside businesses solving problems using technology and improved processes

Does your website need to change, but not sure how? I can help!

Do you wonder if you could convert more prospects to customers? Let's talk!

Hello, I'm Peter and I specialise in discovering the real problem you're facing, and solving it using technology. With a strong focus on pragmatism, performance and honesty I work hard to help businesses flourish and teams develop their skills. I give impartial advice, even when it does me out of work. Learn more about me or the way I work.

Peter helped us get Ffrees off the ground at a time when we had no staff and certainly no developers. He acted as a first class analyst, architect, developer and project manager all rolled into one, and kept his good nature and easy manner throughout the strenuous and often stressful process. His work is first class, and he cares about doing it well. I highly recommend him.

Alex Letts: Chief Executive, Ffrees Family Finance

What I do...

Pinning down what I do is difficult. In a nutshell:

I work across disciplines using my skills to pull everything together, so the delivered result is something both I and my client can be proud of.

I'm used to working with copywriters, marketers, other developers - and the business brains, interpreting their requests into actionable technical plans (and vice versa)!

Turbo-charge your Startup

Working with you, I create a successful digital vision of your idea that impresses investors.

Kick-start your team

I can build a strong foundation in your web team, setting down best practices and processes. It works great for startups or development teams without a strong lead.

Blindingly-fast Front-end performance

Passionate about a fast web experience for your customers? So am I!

Workshops & mentoring

I love developing people to their full potential. Take your team to the next level with my in-house training.

Research & Development

I'm great at finding pragmatic solutions to problems and exploring new ways to apply technology to your business.

Business and systems architect

Write up specifications, elicit requirements in your organisation. Plan for a successful web project - spend the money now, rather than correcting mistakes.

Multilingual websites

An unusual area of expertise (in the UK), birthed at ING (the bank) and grown since. I enjoy the challenge and working with languages and character sets.

Project Management

Sometimes you're just too busy to keep on top of yet another thing... that blasted website. I can oversee the project from start to finish, working with in-house designers and writers or external. From your office or mine.

Development & Implementation

I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk. Without continued hands-on experience in current skills, I wouldn't be able to do my job as well as I do. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Symfony2, PHP 5.4+, MODX, Wordpress, Ubuntu, Redis, MySQL, Memcache - the list goes on.


"Peter is one of those rare designer/developers who actually understands how the user will interact with his creation. That ability results in superior creations."

Kevin Lee: CEO Didit, Advisor to eMarketing Association

...How it helps you

I'd love to show you.

I ran out of time to get the case studies finished before dConstruct 2013. Give me your email address and I'll contact you when the case studies are published (and won't email after that!)


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About Me

"Renaissance man", "Metrosexual", "Well-rounded" - just some of the works used to describe me.

Being a generalist lets me see links between disciplines to provide context and understanding. Using my broad knowledge base, I can suggest multi-disclipinary solutions to problems. I can see the big picture - thinking about the long-term and short-term implications of what I do for you.

I solve problems using technology/software and improved processes - helping you to not only develop your website but also establish and evolve your team.

I'm experienced at discovering the real problem through Impact Mapping and stakeholder interaction, and fixing them. I am a real people person, and try and provide a friendly and receptive service for my clients.

When I'm not working, I spend my time indulging my many and varied interests - music (I'm a violinist and a keen singer), photography and sailing - to name but a few. I did Physics at University (though I don't remember much of the maths!) and dabble in philosophy. I enjoy cooking and gardening - something my wife is very pleased about! I'm also a Christian, something which informs my world view and makes honesty so important to me. I love reading - whether that's on architecture, cookery, programming, theology, history or art.


"Peter is an intelligent and reliable developer who knows his beans! He can be relied on for good quality... and sticks to his promises when it comes to deadlines."

Jonathan Saipe, FIFO Digital

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Give me a call on 07 903 903 888 between 9am and 5.30pm (current time in the UK: 9.12pm), or email me and I'll get back to you ASAP.